Not a Perfect Fit: Stories from Jane’s World

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Not a Perfect Fit: Stories from Jane’s World


Not a Perfect Fit is a collection of stories and essays that are laugh-out-loud funny one minute and thought-provoking the next. Stories range from living off-grid as the only English woman in an Amish neighborhood to family trips that are remarkably similar to National Lampoon’s Vacation. The fact that the author manages to rise above the many challenges she faces will inspire and entertain you. Filled with animal antics, gratitude, mishaps, and madcap adventures, this book has a tell-all, single-girl-gone-country, down-home feel.


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“Jane Schmidt documents the essential day-to-day of rural Wisconsin life with a deft balance of sentiment, reportage, and humor. City mouse, country mouse, newcomer or old-timer, you will find yourself nodding, grinning, and sometimes dabbing at your eyes as you read these stories.”

—Michael Perry, Best-selling author of Truck: A Love Story and the new novel, The Jesus Cow

“Jane Schmidt is funny, candid, and has the keen eye of an outsider looking in—then turning the mirror back on herself. Reading the final pages felt like the last miles of a road trip with someone whose company you really enjoyed that has ended far too soon.”

—Julie Buckles, author of Paddling to Winter

“With humor, grace, and tenderness, Jane gives her readers and entertaining peek into the layered life of a single mother, animal hoarder, and kick-ass fitness instructor—living a rustic life but still searching for the perfect wand of mascara and a respectable pair of jeans.”

—Sheila Sherwin, writer and editor of