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Fitness Choices offers programs for people who are new to exercise, weekend warriors, or die-hard exercisers! 

If you are just starting out:


Water aerobics is another fantastic choice for anyone and everyone. Working out in the water helps protect your joints, provides a three dimensional workout and provides approximately 12-15 times more resistance than working on land. As a bonus, you will not feel yourself sweating and chances are high you will never feel sore the next day. Water Exercise is the great equalizer. You can have a first time exerciser and a highly trained athlete in the same class and both will get an excellent workout.

Jane's Exercise

 The program itself was designed by Dr. Miriam Nelson Ph.D. of Tufts University. Everyone sits in or stands next to a chair making it very comfortable to exercise. There is no floor work and no heavy breathing in this program that is offered to women mid-life and older. 


If you are already exercising on a regular basis...

Here are your intermediate and advanced choices:


Here is a perfect choice for those of you who do not like working out in a group and/or have very specific goals. One-on-one attention and no distractions. Personal training is only about you.


Four friends, four times the fun! Put together a group and watch the magic begin as everyone starts to feel the many benefits of a regular exercise program. This can be a life changing experience. You will increase your level of self confidence, reach new levels of feeling fit, look your absolute best, make or strengthen friendships, and experience a whole new level of commitment that will positively effect the rest of your life.


This is a perfect place for anyone that has already attended the Strong Women Program and is looking for the next step. It is also a great choice for anyone looking for a complete workout that they can do for the rest of their life to maintain and/or improve their fitness level. If you are looking for the best results take this class three times a week, along with WAVES!



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In order to give you the best and safest exercise experience, I have some questionnaires and consent forms you’ll be required to bring to your first class. 

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