12 Fitness TipS



If you can sit, do not lie down. If you can stand, do not sit. If you can move, don’t just stand there!



Results from working out come from being consistent. Working out once a week or skipping full weeks is a prescription for injuries. Consistency is key to a successful exercise program. 


Choose an Activity You Enjoy

Signing up for a spin class but not liking bike riding or joining a Zumba class and disliking dancing are not good choices. However, if you love these activities, you will excel.  Do you thrive in a group setting or prefer working out alone?  Choose an activity that will work for both your lifestyle and your personality.


Make a Fitness Date

Take out your calendar and write in your workouts. Make an appointment for your fitness times just like you would schedule a massage, doctor appointment, or dental check-up.


Pick a Partner

Ask your spouse, sister, or best friend to exercise with you. Working out with a buddy makes it more fun and much harder to cancel.


Early Morning Works Best

Research shows that people who work out first thing in the morning have a better attendance rate than those who workout later in the day. A lot can happen during a typical eight-hour work day that can sabotage your best efforts for an after-work exercise program.


Go Outside

Fresh air and sunshine go a long way in making for a great workout both physically and mentally. Dress appropriately, take your water bottle, and go hiking, biking, in-line skating, kayaking, swimming, or backpacking.


Stay Hydrated

Keep your water bottle handy, even if you are working indoors. There is no need to over do it, but keep sipping before you feel thirsty as you continue your exercise program. Most people are not nearly as hydrated as they should be. 


Mix It UP

Your body will respond better if you mix-up your workouts. If you typically workout in the gym three times a week with weights, throw in a half hour of lap swimming or ice skating. If you normally do three sets of ten repetitions, do two sets of twelve, using heavier weights.


Practice Perfect Form

When lifting weights it is important to use perfect form. If the weight is too heavy and you use your back instead of the correct muscle, the exercise is not only ineffective but could hurt you. If the weight is so light that you can easily do twenty repetitions, you are wasting your precious time. The weight you use needs to be heavy enough to challenge your muscles into reacting (growing and taking in more calcium) but not so heavy that you cannot perform the exercise without cheating (using your back or legs incorrectly).


Join a Class

Joining a well-rounded exercise program is a fantastic way to stay on track. You'll meet like-minded people, possibly make a new friend, and gain motivation from the other participants.  



When you feel good, everything is more enjoyable. Health and happiness go hand in hand. Making a commitment to your wellness and sticking with it will carry over into many other areas of your life. Many people find that once they are working out on a regular basis, they start eating and sleeping better. Big bonus!