Tiny Miracles


Excerpt From Jane's World

Saturday I awoke determined to clear up the other mystery. Today I would either find the nest in the goat palace or sit there all day until the barn swallow came back inside. On went my rubber boots, and I marched out to the palace, carrying an old yogurt container of Louisa’s freshly made mash. I dumped the mash in Louisa’s dish, slid the door lock open, and whoosh! Out came the barn swallow.

Stepping inside with renewed determination, I did my best to channel Nancy Drew. I began my exploration from the top down, taking my time, looking for clues. I stopped and listened. I strained my ears and eyes. I heard the softest, tiniest noises. I looked high and low again. I ducked my head under the shelf, and lo and behold, in the farthest corner, directly under the hoist holding up the shelf, was a narrow mud nest and six tender, orange-colored mouths all wide open, begging for food. Not only did I find the nest but, because it had taken me so long, I found the babies too!

“Nan-cy! Nan-cy!” I silently chanted to myself. Thrilled with my discovery I bid the babies good-bye, wished them all the best, and reassured them their mother would be back. I may not be as swift as my heroine, Nancy Drew, but in one week I’d unearthed in my own backyard the best of the best: two tiny miracles! With any luck, if those turtle eggs hatch, there’ll be many more!

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Originally Published July 6th, 2017 in the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout