Best Worst Dog Ever

Excerpt From Jane's World

To say Téte is a handful is an understatement. To say she’s smart, defiant, naughty, and sweet is more accurate.

Recently, while working in my office, I heard choking noises and went to investigate. There was Téte in the kitchen with her head buried deep in the birch-bark wastebasket I keep in the corner on the floor, filled with dog bones. Her front legs were airborne, her back legs barely touching the floor as she strained to reach a dog bone. She was choking and gasping, all but hanging from her neck on the edge of the basket.

“Téte!” I hollered. “You’re going to hurt yourself!” Instead of reacting to my voice Téte buried her head even deeper in the basket, choking herself even more. I pleaded with her: “Téte, stop—I’ll give you a damn bone!” Snap! Téte backed out, let her front paws touch the ground the way they’re meant to, and sauntered over to me. I reached in the basket, grabbed a bone, and said, “Sit.” Téte sat. I said, “Lie down,” and Téte dropped to her belly. I said, “Good girl!” and she took the bone out of my hand ever so gently, her eyes looking straight at me, glazed with love—or greedy anticipation. I went back to work. Minutes later I heard her choking again. Determined is another good word to describe Téte.

You'll find the beginning and end of this story in the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout.

Originally Published June 29th, 2017 in the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout