A Perfect Moment

Excerpt From Jane's World

I react to all this chaos the only way I can: by going inside, getting my camera, and taking a few pictures. I do this out of habit because when I try to explain parts of my life or even one segment of my day, people seem to look at me in disbelief. I mean, who would make this stuff up?

Then I put Monkey in the house, get a broom, and use it to gently ease Mr. Bat off the porch. Thankfully he flies away, and before I go back indoors I watch him swoop and catch a few bugs, then soar and swoop and catch a few more. A perfect moment.

I don’t consider myself a quitter, so I regroup in the house and come up with a plan. I call all the dogs and cats inside, then I step back out with some watermelon and use it to entice Luna, Peepers, and Louisa back into their pen. Next, I go into the bathroom, where ten baby ducklings are temporarily housed, and I carry them downstairs and put them in the secure duck hall pen with a shallow dish of water and food so they can enjoy the sunshine too. I come back into the house, give each of the dogs a treat, then grab my book, check for my reading glasses that are now on top of my head, and go back out the front door.

I awake with a start when my book drops out of my hand. My cheeks are warm, my mouth is partly open, and I’m starting to drool. I can smell the freshly cut grass and hear the baby ducks talking softly to each other as my eyes start to get heavy again. I set the book down in my lap, allow my eyes to close, and luxuriate in the warmth of the sun. A perfect moment in time.

The beginning of this essay can be found in the Crawford County Independent and Kickapoo Scout

Originally Published June 15th, 2017 in the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout