Excerpt From Jane's World

Why must everyone wake me up? Do I look like I want to get up? No way! If I had my choice I’d sleep fifteen hours a day, go for a walk and play with my friends for four, eat and drink for two, take a nap for another two, and have my belly rubbed for one full hour.

I’m small and compact, built for sleeping and scouting out small animals. The truth is I could care less about ratting out a dumb mouse, but I do it. I try to maintain the high standards of being a rat terrier mix.

When I first came to live with my new mom, I thought she was obsessive about taking hikes, but I got used to it. I try to keep up with Téte, my sister, who has legs four times the length of mine, and I usually can. The best part is I can out do Téte when chasing a bunny. I can get through thickets more efficiently than she can. Of course, we’ve never caught a bunny yet. Mom would have a tizzy.

At night I sleep upstairs in my mom’s bedroom, under the covers. I wait until I hear her turn off the light, then I creep up the steep steps one at a time, jump up on the bed, and start rutting my nose under the covers until I can find a spot to slip in. This takes a while. Once under the covers I circle a few times, try to get as close to Mom as possible, and plop down. Pretty quickly, my lights are out, and I don’t want to move even an inch for the next fifteen hours.

But before I know it, everyone is awake and yelping. Téte is barking. Raime is pacing. Out back, the birds are squawking and Diego is neighing. And that darn cat, Monkey, is racing around the bedroom like he’s Jeff Gordon. I dig deeper under the covers and pray they all will just go away for the next seven hours. But they don’t.

Originally Published March 30th, 2017 in the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout

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