Into The Darkness

Excerpt Form Jane's World

There is darkness where yesterday there was light. There are sleepy seeds in my eyes where yesterday morning there were none. I grab my headlamp and stretch it around my head as I walk out my front door for morning chores.

In recent weeks I’d been enjoying doing chores without a headlamp’s band squishing my brain cells, and getting into the car in the morning without having to take baby steps with my arms straight out, feeling my way down the steps one at a time. But bam! What happened? Daylight Savings Time. I’ve been tossed back into blackness, and I’m having a mild meltdown.

Why can’t we take a vote on who wants Daylight Savings Time? One day you drive to work and it’s light and you can see a deer in the cornfield having an early morning snack. The next morning you’re slamming on your brakes in the dark when said deer finishes nibbling in the dark and suddenly appears in front of your headlights.

It’s disturbing and distressing. I’d like to experience the natural rhythm of our moon and sun without interference on our part.

I amused myself the other day by asking people what they thought led to our formal set-your-clocks-ahead-and back days. I heard everything from children going to school in the dark, farmers working in the fields, factory workers who needed to see daylight when they finished working, to two people who insisted it was for golfers. Golfers?!

Originally Published March 16th, 2017 in the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout

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