Monkeying Around

Excerpt From Jane's World

One evening I was bragging about how peaceful my house can be with a new kitten in the mix. I was commenting about three dogs, two birds, a fish, and two cats, all sleeping peacefully under one roof. In a small 800-square-foot house, no less. That evening as I was cleaning out Moby's aquarium, Monkey took a flying leap and landed inside the tank. I pulled him out by the scruff of his neck, dripping wet, and had a good hard laugh. I doubt Monkey will ever do that again! So much for peace that evening.

Monkey is obsessed with my desk and me typing. He sits on top of my desk and watches the computer screen. I'm okay with this as long as he doesn't sit or step on the keyboard. But he does. Over and over again. I've got him in front of me now and the keyboard as I type this. He is cocking his head to the side and watching the letters appear. Oh-Oh ===========ppppppppp he is back on the keyboard.

I bought Monkey a cat of those 70's-looking carpeted poles with places for cats to claw, hide in, and sit on. I put it in front of my back door so he can watch the donkeys and the birds out the window. I also bought it because being the littlest isn't always easy. I figured he could always climb up in his tower for peace and quiet.

Yesterday, he used his tower as a launch pad to fly over to Benny and Joon's cage, smacking into it and sticking to the side like Spiderman. This was unacceptable behavior. The poor parakeets were shaken up, and Monkey apparently didn't understand why he was reprimanded because he climbed to the top of his tower and took another flying leap for the cage. He landed on the floor lamp, causing it to fall over instead. Benny and Joon were squawking, I was yelling, the dogs were hiding, and Monkey, well, he just sat there looking at me with his head cocked to one side like, “Wow, what happened?”

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Originally Published February 23rd, 2017 in the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout