Vacations Are Complicated

Excerpt from Jane's World

Vacations are complicated: tying up loose ends at work, cleaning up the house, packing, taking care of bills, and stopping the mail. Worst of all is finding the perfect critter sitter and then preparing my animals for my take-off.

If you happen to have a dog that is special, it's even worse. Téte is that dog. She is what I refer to as difficult. When I mention to my daughter Téte's latest and greatest naughty behavior, Jessica tells me, “Téte will be the best dog you ever had. Give her time.”

Téte is three years old. My daughter is thinking of dear Moses, my three-legged wonder dog. Nobody liked Moses when he was a tiny ball of cute fur. Not a good sign! Moses was the only dog I had that jumped into a car through a half-open window. It was during my poorer days and my neighbor Pat had placed a bag full of groceries in my back seat for dinner that evening. I wanted to make a special meal for a friend's birthday. Pat not only gave me a recipe but also the ingredients. Butter was on top in the bag. How Moses knew that is a mystery. Pat had barely shut the door when Moses jumped in, grabbed the butter, and jumped back out the window. I laughed as Pat chased him around the yard. I knew it was hopeless. Moses turned out to be one of my best dogs ever. That is what Jessica was referring to. She has a point because no one likes Téte either. Except me.

Originally Published January 5th, 2017 in the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout