Excerpt From Jane's World

I wasn’t even close to being a perfect mother. I was too young for that—or maybe that’s just an excuse. I do know I always wished I could do better for Jessica. Too many years were spent on working to keep up, not with the Joneses, whoever they are, but with life in general. Besides paying off college loans and paying rent for apartments we lived in, there were medical bills from the braces needed to straighten out Jessica’s legs and the braces to straighten her teeth. I worried, worked, and partied my sorrows away more than I should have.

When I get real about my daughter’s upcoming milestone birthday, I try to remember to breathe. To relax and realize that she is an adult now, with a family of her own, and that for the most part my parental duties, beyond forever unconditional love, are over.

But they aren’t, as any parent reading this will understand. Turning 40 years old takes one day. Being a parent lasts forever.

Originally Published September 29th, 2016 in the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout