2016 Resolution Check-in

Excerpt from Jane's world

I love my new red slippers. Crows are smart. And I'm a good hiker!

It's November, and there are two months left to complete my 2016 New Year’s resolutions. I had decided on three: 1) not to buy any shoes, 2) to make friends with a crow, and 3) to walk twenty-five miles a week.

On October 30th I treated myself to a brand new pair of slippers. I ordered them online on a website called Zappos. I love Zappos. You order your shoes and almost always, the shoes are waiting for you on your doorstep the next day. I find this amazing and exhilarating! If they don't fit, you can return them for free, over and over again until you get a pair that do fit. Easy!

Before I ordered my slippers, I clarified that they weren’t shoes. My justification was that no one ever says, "I'm going to put my shoes on" when they are, in fact, putting on their slippers. Slippers are slippers and shoes are shoes. Once this realization hit me, I was busy picking out my slippers from over 80 different styles. I settled on red slippers, knowing the color would lift my spirits in the middle of winter. I also decided that a bit of fleece fluff inside the slippers was warranted because we all know that winters can get cold.

Originally Published November 10th, 2016 in the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout