Running on Empty

excerpt from Jane's world

Driving along the country roads to work, I had an aha” moment. The kind of moment when your mind comes to a halt, and no other thought exists except pure, unadulterated gratitude.

I remember all the times I would be driving from one job to the next, and my car would clunk out. The first thing you learn when the power steering goes is that it takes Herculean strength to turn the wheel and get the car safely parked as far over to the curb, ditch, or what have you.

When this happened, and trust me, it happened frequently, I was always trying to figure out if I could make it to work on time. As soon as my car was parked, I'd grab my bag of exercise balls, my rubber exercise bands, my swimsuit and towel, and hop out of the car. When the first car sped by, I'd have my thumb up, my bag of goodies over my shoulder, and a smile plastered on my face. Usually the first car would stop. Off to teach class I'd go. Smooth sailing!

It never failed though, I’d be teaching a class, and maybe 10 minutes into the session, someone would ask, “Say, Jane, was that your car I saw on Highway 82 on the way into class today?”  

Originally Published November 3rd, 2016 in the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout