For the Love of Crows

yellow day

Watching me
Watching you
Black silhouette
on blue.


How do you do?


Watching me
Watching you
Taking my treat
With you.


Trust takes time
I have all day
The next day, too.


Sun shines bright
Yellow rays of light
Black silhouette on Blue,


I'll wait years for you.


Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

grey day

She walked away
on this colorless day.
through the rows of aging pine trees,
pewter sky hanging thick over her head. 


Caaw caaw
I crowed.
I watched her
disappear in the haze.


Her chin tucked into her jacket.
Footsteps sodden and heavy.
Her back lurched forward,
the weight upon it almost visible.
Hands shoved deep in her pockets.


Caaw caaw
I called.


She blended in
with the dampness and dreariness of the day. 
I stayed with her until darkness dawned
and watched her settle down
under the umbrella of a decaying tree.


Caaw caaw
I cried.


I helplessly
saw her slump over in a ball
with her head cradled
on the frozen dirt,
tears rolling into disheveled hair,
eyes shut tight against the cold pain.


Caaw caaw
I croaked.


I flew down
and settled
on her shoulder.


Artist Unknown

Artist Unknown

Blue Day

One clock.
Two eyes.
Many crows.


One table,
One bed,
A window.
Many crows.


Two feet striking.
Heel toe,
Heel toe,
Arms swinging,
Many crows.


Pine needles cushion each step.
Clouds have filled the sky.
Trees are standing by.
Many crows


Watching me
Silently walk away
On this lonely,
lovely blue day.


Hello crows.