Copper Harbor

Excerpt from jane's world

I spent a large part of my vacation on my belly, deep in the woods. The rest Ispent upright, either viewing the big lake, collecting her stones, or just walking along her splendid shores. The big lake is the one I often refer to as Mother Superior. 

This year I have been engrossed in Kingdom Fungi and was surprised to find more mushrooms along the trails in Copper Harbor than I had seen in Wisconsin before I left. I thought Copper Harbor would be colder, the leaves more colorful, and that the fungi would be all dried up. I was wrong on all three accounts. 

Finding and photographing mushrooms has a relaxing effect on me. In fact, nature in general does that for me. I'm continually amazed at what I find in the woods, once I begin looking. Dane and I weren’t on the trail for more than a few minutes when I shouted, “Look!” as I pointed to numerous mushrooms that looked like purple worms emerging from the earth. As I was getting down on my belly to take a picture, Dane pointed in another direction at a fungus as red as a stop sign.  Back and forth we went, from one great specimen to another. A hike that should have taken us two hours took almost four and resulted in over one hundred pictures of mushrooms. That was fun, but not so relaxing, what with getting down on the ground, sprawling myself out to get my forearms propped up to steady the camera and eventually getting back up again. By the end of the trail, I was handing the camera to Dane and saying, “Can you shoot that one please!?” I was pooped, in the best of ways.

Visiting the lake was easier on my body but not by much. I'm a true blue rock picker and so is Dane. We walk as close as we can get to the shore of Big Sand Bay in Eagle Harbor, and we don't stop stooping and picking till we've crossed from one side of the bay to the other and our pockets are heavy. After seeing how many rocks we'd both collected, I was a bit concerned about the car dragging on the way home. I brought home a whole bag of gorgeous rocks that I'll rinse off and put in my goldfish Moby's aquarium. Great for Moby, and I get the benefit of seeing all those Lake Superior stones, wet and glistening with color.

Originally Published October 13th, 2016 in the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout