Take A Hike

excerpt from Jane's World

What is the simplest way to get more exercise each day? Why should you want to get more exercise each day?

It's hard to go anywhere nowadays without seeing yoga mats, weights, workout clothes, and exercise videos. Newspapers, magazines, and the internet are full of headlines preaching the benefits of being active. Unless you're just not paying attention, it's hard not to know that as a society we need to move more. 

There is no denying that we move less now than people did a hundred years ago. There is less farming being done and less manual labor in general. Where once we did something with our own muscle, we now have machines or services. We have our produce delivered to our house in a box. We have weed-whackers, riding lawn mowers, and shopping online. We can choose to never have to walk into a bank again, never to get out of the car for a fast dinner, or never to leave the house.

I would be the first to acknowledge that fitting exercise into an already overwhelming schedule is difficult. Between work, parenting, homeowner responsibilities, health problems, hobbies, and life, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. Yet the research on the benefits of regular exercise is staggering. The benefits include lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels andimproving creativity and mental well-being. 

Originally Published September 15th, 2016 in the Crawford County Independent & Kickapoo Scout